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Lactation Consultations

In-person consultations as well as HIPAA secure remote video and phone consultations.
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Private Prenatal Sessions

Discover your personal goals for breastfeeding and more!
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Group parenting preparation Classes

Join us for Virtual Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes.
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Lactation Consultations

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Initial Lactation Consultation

Visits can be held in your home, at our office, or via telehealth. Initial consultations include a comprehensive medical history, oral and breast assessments, positioning support and a weighed feeding where we will weigh baby, we will assist you with the feeding, and then we will weigh baby again to assess milk intake (our scale is super accurate, so we’ll know within 2mL how much milk baby took from the breast!). We will develop an individualized care plan during our visit and you, your OB/midwife, and Pediatrician (with your consent) will receive a comprehensive written report summarizing our visit.

Follow up Lactation Consultation

Continued support to monitor progress and continue addressing breastfeeding challenges.

Telehealth visits

Initial and follow-up consultations are available through our HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system. These visits are typically billable to insurance.

Private Prenatal Sessions

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Private prenatal consultation

This is a great option if you would like an individualized plan and ongoing direct support from an IBCLC prior to and immediately following birth. We will discuss your personal goals for breastfeeding, any anticipated challenges or complications, develop a plan and be available via phone and text for ongoing support immediately following delivery. This is ideal for families that struggled with breastfeeding previously, multiples, complicated pregnancies, and complex medical situations (for parent or infant).

Group Parenting Classes

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Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Our comprehensive prenatal breastfeeding class for expecting parents will provide a solid foundation for a successful breastfeeding relationship. We will cover everything from pregnancy’s preparations for breastfeeding to latching, positioning, how to know baby is getting enough, preparing for returning to work, and an introduction to pumping. This class will cover all that is typically included in a hospital course and more! All of your questions will be answered and you will leave feeling confident in beginning your breastfeeding journey on a great foot! Partners are encouraged to attend.

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Yes! We offer a 10% military discount.

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