COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

It is our company policy not to discuss provider/employee vaccination status. We are following or exceeding recommended CDC and State guidelines for protecting patients, including but not limited to the following mitigation strategies:

• Providers will wear a mask rated KN-95 or greater throughout the consultation.

• Hard surfaces are cleaned with CDC recommended cleaners between patients.

• All linens are laundered between uses.

• Providers will be washing their hands or using hand sanitizer at the start of each session and as appropriate throughout the visit.

• We will notify patients immediately of any personal or family illnesses and will reschedule visits as needed.

We request that patients notify us of any illnesses or confirmed exposures of anyone residing in their home. If at all possible, please notify us at least 48 hours prior to any scheduled appointment if rescheduling may be needed.

If we arrive at a patient’s home, or if they arrive at an office visit, demonstrating any symptoms, the visit will be canceled.

All patients are screened for symptoms 24 hours prior to visits- please be sure to complete the screening prior to each scheduled appointment.