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My breastfeeding journey had a very stressful & rocky start. I was dealing with tongue and lip tied twins and at only a week in I had to supplement. I was extremely frustrated and ready to throw in the towel completely but I was referred to Heather and gave her a call. Heather came in and immediately gave me the support, knowledge, resources and most importantly- the confidence to troop on (even though by this time my supply was only halfway to where it needed to be). After only a few consultations I have reached my goal of being able to exclusively breastfeed my twins and I am forever grateful. Anyone that has the chance to have a consultation with her will benefit greatly.


My daughter had a lip and tie revision and refused the breast. We were syringe feeding for her 2 days and I was literally in tears.  During this time Heather always picked up my calls (no matter how early or late), texted me right away, and importantly made it a point to see us ASAP so she could help – and SHE DID. My daughter latched that very visit!


I had never met any other twin mom that had breastfed, so I was thrilled to find Heather whose experience breastfeeding her twins led her to become a lacatation consultant (and the only twin LC in the area!).

My girls had been losing weight since they were born and with Heather’s in-person support she reversed that trend from one consultationMy girls are nearly 7 months old, happy, healthy, thriving and STILL NURSING!

Mary Pat